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  • Nanomaterials In Food Packaging Materials

    With the development of economy and social progress, people’s requirements for food safety have gradually increased, and with the enhancement of ecological environmental awareness, the field of food packaging is also facing many challenges. Nano-packaging materials are one of the main application fields of nanotechnology, and nano-packaging materials have obvious advantages over other packaging materials. Therefore, research on the application of nanomaterials in food packaging has great significance for the development of food packaging.
    Nano packaging materials are mainly technical nano processing of packaging materials, so that packaging materials have nano packaging characteristics, compared with traditional packaging materials, nano packaging materials have good mechanical properties, high toughness, good plasticity, long service life; High physical and chemical properties, with high heat resistance, high transparency, high barrier, can be used in special packaging; The processing performance is good, the nano packaging material has strong plasticity, and can achieve blow molding, pouring and injection molding.


    1.1 Application of nano titanium dioxide in food packaging

    Titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst that can be excited under ultraviolet light, nano titanium dioxide can form a certain resistance to ultraviolet radiation, avoid ultraviolet radiation to accelerate oxidation in meat foods, so as to prevent the decline and decay of food nutrients caused by the loss of vitamins and the destruction of aromatic compounds. Nano-titanium dioxide has a wide range of applications in food preservation. At the same time, nano titanium dioxide as a new packaging material can meet the needs of ecological protection, in the light environment can also stick to the surface of plastic, glass oil, bacteria and so on.
    Our supply of Anatase nano titanium dioxide appearance is white loose powder, uniform particle size, large surface area, good dispersion; Nanomaterials have a strong effect and a good photocatalytic effect, which can decompose harmful gases and some inorganic compounds in the air to achieve air purification, deodorization and mildew prevention. Nano titanium dioxide has the effect of self-cleaning, but also can greatly improve the adhesion of products.

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    1.2 Application of nanometer zinc oxide in food packaging
    Nanometer zinc oxide is a kind of wideband gap semiconductor which can be excited by ultraviolet light and has good photocatalytic activity. Nano-zinc oxide, as an inorganic metal oxide, has the characteristics of non-toxicity, low cost, convenient use and excellent biocompatibility, and has been widely used in the photocatalytic degradation of toxic organic pollutants, solar cells and other industries. Nanometer zinc oxide is one of the most promising photocatalysts in the market due to its strong photocatalytic activity and high quantum yield. Based on its good photocatalytic activity and antibacterial properties, nanometer zinc oxide is also widely used in food packaging.
    The nano zinc oxide products supplied by our company have high activity, and have special effects such as ultraviolet absorption, photocatalysis, sterilization and mildew prevention. It has UV resistance. It is an inorganic active agent and vulcanizing agent for rubber industry, which can improve the finish, mechanical strength, temperature resistance and aging resistance of rubber products. Used in paints, inks, coatings, plastics, can improve the product covering power and coloring power, in the ceramic industry can be used as a flux of emulsion glaze.

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    In general, the development of nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nano-packaging materials will strongly promote the development of food packaging technology. In the future development process, the safety of nanomaterials will become a research hotspot, which will provide an important academic theoretical basis for the application of nanomaterials in food packaging.

    Post time: Feb-21-2024