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  • Summary of Nanomaterials in Cosmetics

    With the development of technology, nanotechnology has been gradually applied to the fields of medicine, food and cosmetics. Cosmetics are increasingly closely related to People’s Daily life. Nowadays, the function of cosmetics extends from simple cosmetic modification to functional aspect, and the scientific and technological content of cosmetics has become an important means of competition for cosmetics enterprises. Nanomaterials are widely used in cosmetics because of their unique properties of light, heat, electricity and magnetism. Nanomaterials can be used to improve the sensory effects and stability of cosmetics. Nano zinc oxide, titanium dioxide can not only make cosmetics feel better, apply more evenly, but also better sun protection.


    Because of the small particle size and high activity, Nano Titanium Dioxide can reflect and scatter ultraviolet light and absorb ultraviolet light, so it has a stronger blocking ability to ultraviolet light. Compared with some organic UV protection agents of the same dose, nano titanium oxide has a higher absorption peak in the ultraviolet region, and what is more valuable is that it is still a broad spectrum screen agent, unlike organic UV protection agents that only absorb UVA or UVB. It also transmits visible light, unlike pigment-grade TiO2, which does not transmit visible light.
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    Ultraviolet light in sunlight can be divided into UVA(320mm-400mm), UVB(290mm-320mm) and UVC(200mm-290mm) according to its wavelength.UVB is the main source of burns, indirect pigmentation and skin cancer, and UVA has strong penetration and accumulation. Although most of the UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer, due to its short wavelength, high energy and the increasing destruction of the ozone layer, the damage to human beings can not be ignored. Nano Zinc Oxide has four main functions when added to sunscreen cosmetics: first, it can provide effective protection in the full band of UVA and UVB, second, excellent dispersion and transparency, and third, it is safe and non-irritating. Fourth, it has good light stability.
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    Nano Silica has an emission effect on ultraviolet light is an inorganic component, and is well fused without any rejection, and itself is non-toxic, tasteless and white powder, can be simply colored, has an important role in the development of anti-ultraviolet products, and its price is also very good.
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    Nano Alumina has infrared absorption characteristics, which can absorb 80 nm ultraviolet light very well, and can be used as an additive or filler.
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    Post time: Feb-05-2024