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  • The Application Of Yttrium oxide

    Yttrium oxide chemical formula Y2O3. Molecular weight 225.81. Light yellow cubic crystal or powder. Melting point 2410℃, relative density 5.01. Soluble in acid, insoluble in water, alkali. Preparation: Adjust the pH of yttrium salt solution to 2 with ammonia, add saturated oxalic acid or ammonium oxalate dissolved Chemicalbook solution to precipitate completely under agitation, then heat and mature on a water bath, filter, dry at 110℃, calcined in air at 900 ~ 1000℃, or calcined yttrium hydroxide in air at 900℃. Yttrium carbonate can also be calcined in the air at 800 ~ 900℃.

    Yttrium oxide
    Yttrium oxide



    Yttrium oxide has high dielectric constant, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent physical properties, is often used as a functional additive material, so it is widely used in atomic energy, aerospace, fluorescence, electronics, high-tech ceramics and other fields.

    1. As a phosphor substrate material, it is used in display, lighting and marking fields.

    2. As a laser medium material, transparent ceramics with high optical properties are prepared, which can be used as a laser working medium to achieve laser output at room temperature. As the up-conversion Chemicalbook light-emitting matrix material, it is used in infrared detection, fluorescent labeling and other fields.

    3. Transparent ceramics can be used for visible and infrared lenses, high pressure gas discharge lamp tubes, ceramic scintillator, high temperature furnace observation window, etc. It can be used as reaction vessel, high temperature resistant material, refractory material, etc.

    4. As raw materials or additives, it is also widely used in high temperature superconducting materials, laser crystal materials, structural ceramics, catalytic materials, dielectric ceramics, high-performance alloys and other fields.

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