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  • Multiple uses of Zinc oxide Nanopowder

    Nowadays, nanotechnology has shown great potential in various fields, and zinc oxide nanopowder, as a kind of nanomaterial with unique properties, is gradually attracting people’s attention.ZINC OXIDE NANOPOWDER

    Anhui Fitech Material Co., Ltd. can provide nano zinc oxide powder for different fields.

    In rubber industry: Nano zinc oxide can improve the smoothness, wear resistance, mechanical strength and anti-aging properties of rubber products. Nanometer zinc oxide particles are finer and have a greater effect on the initial delay of vulcanization.

    Product information: https://www.topfitech.com/renewable-design-for-high-purity-white-powder-cas-1314-13-2-zinc-oxide-for-rubber-and-plastic-product/

    In national defense industry: Zinc oxide Nanopowder has the characteristics of light weight, light color and strong absorbing ability, which can effectively absorb radar waves and be used in new wave absorbing stealth materials. It also has a strong ability to absorb infrared, the ratio of absorption rate and heat capacity is large, and can be applied to infrared detectors and infrared sensors.

    In textile industry: Zinc oxide Nanoparticle has good UV shielding and excellent antibacterial and antibacterial properties. When added to fabric, it can give the fabric the functions of sunscreen, antibacterial and deodorizing. The results show that the UPF value is up to 95.8, the UV resistance is obvious and the washing resistance is good. The bacteriostatic rate of E. coli reached 99.97%, and the effect was long-lasting. The whiteness, breaking strength and air permeability of the fabric have little change, which basically do not affect the comfort of the finished fabric.

    In anticorrosive coatings: Nanometer zinc oxide has excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, high melting point, UV shielding ability and bactericidal deodorization. It can be added to organics, especially coatings. The agglomeration phenomenon of modified nano-zno disappeared obviously, and showed good compatibility with the coating, and the permeability resistance of the composite coating was significantly enhanced. Modified nano-zno significantly improved the anticorrosive properties of acrylic polyurethane coatings.

    In catalyst and photocatalyst: Under ultraviolet light, nanometer zinc oxide can decompose organic matter, antibacterial and deodorizing. This photocatalytic property has been widely used in fiber, cosmetics, ceramics, environmental engineering, glass and building materials industries.

    Product information: https://www.topfitech.com/factory-price-10-20nm-nanometer-zinc-oxide-catalyst-zinc-oxide-product/

    In image recording materials: According to the preparation conditions, nano-zno materials with different properties such as photoconductivity, semiconductor and electrical conductivity can be obtained. The variation can be used as image recording material. It can also be used for electronic photography by its photoconductive properties. The semiconductor property can be used as the discharge breakdown recording paper. The use of conductive properties as electrothermal recording paper, etc.

    In sunscreen cosmetics: The experiment shows that nano-zinc oxide is an ideal UV shielding agent, so adding nano-zinc oxide to cosmetics can not only shield UV, but also be antibacterial and deodorizing.

    Product information: https://www.topfitech.com/cosmetic-grade-zinc-oxide-price-nano-99-5-zinc-oxide-powder-product/


    Post time: Jan-10-2024