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  • One week market review for silicon calcium of china

    Currently , China’s national standard silicon calcium 3058 grade mainstream export price in at FOB 1480-1530 US dollars / ton, up 30 US dollars / ton. In July, 8 /11 submerged arc furnaces on the market to produce silicon calcium, 3 been in repairs. The corresponding output reduction, while the downstream demand is stable, the price increase is expected, but because the previous all manufacturers have high inventory, the price rise space is limited. At present, the demand for silicon calcium in market has improved slightly, and manufacturers have more orders. One Shaanxi silicon calcium manufacturers have revealed that the actual transaction price of their own silicon-calcium alloy has increased by 100 RMB/ton. In recent days, the demand for silicon-calcium alloy has improved slightly, the old customers’ order are running. At the same time, there are new customers enquiring and a small amount of transactions had been done. It is expected that in the market outlook, before the production of the mine thermal furnace is completed, the price trend of the silicon-calcium alloy may remain the status . After the off-season in July and August, the demand may be boosted.

    According to a producer in the North of china last week, he said that his 3058 grade offer FOB 1530/ton, which was $30/ton higher than before, could not accept any counter-offer, and rejected the 100-ton firm order on the same day. Their target price of the customer was FOB 1500/ton. Because his lowest acceptable price is $1,530/ton, considering that some manufacturers have recently stopped production and maintenance, and at the same time, the supply of raw materials and silica is tight, he expects that the price of silicon calcium will continue to rise in the future.

    According to a trader, he currently quotes FOB1520/ton for silicon calcium 3058 grade, which is $50/ton higher than before. He currently sells 50 tons at FOB1500/ton. According to him, three of his five suppliers are in order to produce orders, and the spot goods is lacked, especially the goods of the national standard casi calss 1st are more tense.

    According to the market supply and demand relationship and market trends, due to the shutdown of the upstream furnace manufacturers in July, the output was reduced accordingly. However, due to the pre-inventory of various manufacturers, the price increase space is limited, and the three furnaces currently being repaired, There has already been one producer supply. several other furnaces will be sent to electricity production, so the price will not be affected. However, according to another understanding, the supply of raw materials silica and coal is relatively tight, especially under the impact of environmental inspection on silica mines, resulting in tight supply of silica and poor raw materials. At the same time, on the one hand, the price of silicon-calcium in the market is close to the production cost, and manufacturers have no space for price reduction. On the other hand, it is close to the 70th anniversary of China . The manufacturers said that the state control is more stringent, and the later production and processing may be difficult ,It is predicted that in the market outlook, the price trend of silicon-calcium alloy will remain the status quo before the production of the hot-steam furnace of the manufacturer is completed. After the off-season in July and August, demand may be boosted.
    Above inforamtion just for reference.

    Post time: Apr-17-2023