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  • Rare Earth Oxide- Application of Lanthanum Oxide

    Lanthanum oxide, white rhombic or amorphous powder. Molecular formula La2O3, CAS:1312-81-8. Lanthanum oxide is the oxide of lanthanum (III), white powder at room temperature, relative density 6.51(15/4 ° C), melting point 2307 °C, boiling point 4200 °C. Insoluble in cold water, in hot water into lanthanum hydroxide, soluble in dilute inorganic acid to produce the corresponding acid lanthanum salt, insoluble in Chemicalbook acetone. Eutectic with sodium hydroxide to form sodium tetralanthanate. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into lanthanum carbonate. It is prepared by burning lanthanum oxalate, lanthanum nitrate, lanthanum carbonate or lanthanum hydroxide.

    lanthanum oxide

    Lanthanum oxide is widely used, especially in glass, ceramics, electronics and other fields play an important role.

    Main application:
    1. Used in the manufacture of precision optical glass and optical fiber. Also used in the electronics industry as ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramic admixture. It is also used as raw material for lanthanum boride and catalyst for oil separation and refining.
    2. Used as analytical reagents, raw materials for optical glass and refractories.
    3. Used in the manufacture of cameras, microscopes, various optical glass components required and optical fiber, which can improve refractive properties. It also has certain applications in electronic ceramics industry and catalyst preparation. LAMOX is a precursor to fast ionic conductors and superconductors.

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